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Bislig City is often described as the booming city on the bay. This is not just because of its thriving economy but it is fast emerging as a major tourist destination in the country too. The tourism industry helps boost the city’s economy.  The city promotes itself as an ECO Tourist Center.

Tourism Lawigan Beach in Bislig City

Lawigan Beach

Lawigan Beach is a clean, white sand beach located in Barangay Lawigan in Bislig City.…

Tourism Baywalk in Bislig City

Baywalk Park

Baywalk Park is also known as “Boulevard” to the locals. Both local and foreign visitors come…

Tourism Lake 77 in Bislig City, Philippines

Lake 77

Lake 77 is a man-made lake, used to be a rice field and converted into…

Tourism Hagonoy Island in Bislig City

Hagonoy Island

Hagonoy Island is one of the reasons why it’s fun to visit Bislig City. With its…

Tourism Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig City

Tinuy-an Falls

Tinuy-an Falls is a three tier cascading waterfall (with a fourth tier hidden from view).…