Lawigan Beach

Lawigan Beach in Bislig CityThinking of a perfect getaway on how you could spend more of your vacation in the Philippines will be a great reason to visit the Lawigan Beach in Barangay Lawigan, Bislig City.

Bislig City is situated at the eastern seaboard of Mindanao fronting the Pacific Ocean. People believed that Bislig City got the most blessed position in Caraga region because of the abundant natural attractions that they developed. Bislig composes 24 Barangays having a total population of 105,100. And because of the population growth, in the year 2000, Bislig proclaim as one of the major city of Surigao del Sur. And since Bislig is abundant of waterfalls and beaches, it is undeniably for the city to be called as the “City by the Bay”. 

On the other hand, Barangay Lawigan of Bislig becomes one of the city’s opening Barangay to all the vacationers who want to spend their vacation moment. Bislig City is currently developing seaport in Barangay Lawigan and make Barangay Lawigan as one of the city’s opening port. And because of the new port developed, the city government of Bislig is expecting that there are more tourists would finally visit and see the beautiful beaches that City offer to them. And Lawigan Beach is one of the city’s priority beaches.

Based on the review that Trip Advisor Philippines receives from their avid commentators; Lawigan Beach ranked as the top 3 among the 14 attractions that Bislig offer and posted in the said website. And the rank number of Lawigan Beach received, only signifies that there are more tourists who were satisfied and contented on the scenery and tour that they experience. Another reason why more people are visiting the beach is because of the white fine sand, and it will not be a big shame on the part of the Bislig governance to compare the Lawigan Beach to the most popular beach destination in the Philippines like Boracay and Subic.

Moreover, the people of Lawigan Beach were really hospitable and kind because aside from the stunning views, the stunning characteristics and attitude of the people also makes the beach even more spectacular. Since Lawigan was really clean, you will really enjoy the crystal looking sea while breathing the fresh and cold breeze of the ocean. The silent sanctuary that you may search for the longest time will be amazingly found in this place. More personal encounter of the true beauty of nature will surely be yours if you will have a chance to visit the Lawigan beach.

Providing a gift for you as a human will not be a harmful activity that you may execute. And the number one gift that you can ever treat to yourself is to go to have a vacation. And if so, the Lawigan beach in Bislig City is open to your plan and would simply satisfies this gift that you desire. Maybe spending your absolute time in Lawigan Beach while walking at the white fine sand of the beach will give you the peace of mind and erases all the stress loads that you carry.