Lake 77

Lake 77 in Bislig City

Lake 77 is a vibrant name that possesses historical significance and soul-searching meaning. The said lake is just a couple of minute from the Tinuy-an Falls, one of the Bislig City’s most visited spots. And as what as mention earlier on this post, Lake 77 is a man-made lake constructed by the PICOP Resources Incorporated that was intended to give a water supply for the company’s paper plant operation. And because the Bislig Officials find this Lake 77as a helping tool for them to give their people a potential source of employment and livelihood, they now finalize, utilize and make the Lake 77 as one of their major attractions.

By the way, the Lake 77 got its name from the total hectares that PRI (PICOP Resources Incorporated) bought for the paper plant operation that they owned.

Immensely haven this is the main goal of Lake 77 that the local governance wanted to pin out to the tourists who wanted to visit the lake. And they are really confident in setting this goal. And after how many years of opening the Lake 77 to the public who interestedly wanted to experience and wanted to take a closer look, their eyes were full now and the local government satisfactorily attain the goal that they’ve set.

And on the recent discovery of Bislig, it will be again their greatest achievement in providing more tourist spots and attractions for recreational activities to the prospect people that may visit the city. And even though Bislig is situated in southern part of the Philippines, more foreign tourists still chooses to visit and spend their once in a lifetime vacation in the country. And thus, the wide open eyes of the people behind the greatest success of Bislig were the inner factor why most of their tourist attractions stay impact into their world wide visitors. And of course, the picture that was printed and draws in the minds of people who already visit the Lake 77 will always continuously gives colors and life to the images that they thought as they leaving the place. And it will surely be remarkably stick into the minds of the upcoming visitors that the Lake 77 sustains two important roles which is the happiness and paradise.

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