Hinayagan Cave

Hinayagan Cave in Bislig City

Hinayagan Cave was previously called "Suhoton Cave" from the local term "suhot" which means to "pass through inside." A hunter  “Bidok” who in that time was chasing a boar first discovered this cave.  Since then, villagers considered it a place where their gods dwelt.

Its name was changed because there are other caves in the country that bear the name Suhoton.  For identity, the local folks renamed it “Hinayagan,” which means,  “lighted.” This was so-called Hinayagan because of the opening in the mid ceiling of the cave.

The first cave is 100 meters in length, 15 meters radius entrance with creek water coming in and Miniature Falls. The sunlight passes through the 10 meter diameter opening in the middle ceiling that allow birds and other winged animals to come in and out of the cave. It also has 50 meter wide swimming area that leads to the entrance of the second cave. You can also find an underground river and stalactites that are mostly forming elephant trunks and balusters.

While the second cave is 1,800 in length and there is a waterfall in the mid part of it.

It is also said that there are presence of stalactite, and few shiny rocks and hard stones.

Hinayagan Cave can be located at Kapatagan 2, San Vicente, Bislig City. Its 15-20 minutes drive from the City Hall by land transportation and 10 minutes trail walk from the San Vicente main road.