Hagonoy Island in Bislig City

Hagonoy Island in Bislig CityThere are 7,107 islands in the Philippines and among these islands; there are only 2,000 who are actively inhabited. Mindanao, which is the second largest island in the Philippines, owned most of the beautiful beaches and resorts throughout the country. And Bislig City, which was included in the major cities in Mindanao under the region of Caraga, recorded to be one of the most visited cities in Mindanao because of the stunning views and overlooking sights that tourists experienced.

Relatively, Hagonoy Island is just one of the reasons why the tourists claim that it’s more fun in Bislig City. With its powdery white sand and crystal blue water, local and foreign tourists really enjoy their stay while spending most of their time touring around the island. The effort, time and money that the tourists expend on their transportation from Manila (the capital of Philippines) all the way to the island will be flawlessly eradicated because of the alluring sceneries that their eyes will surely enjoy. 

So if you are planning to visit the island, please take a look first  to this 3-minute video clip of Hagonoy island to give you an overview and idea on what you will expect while spending your summer vacation in one of the most beautiful island in the city.

Aside from being friendly and hospitable, the people that living into the island of Hagonoy are really kind and generous in reaching out the tourists to properly assist them on the activities that they wanted to experience. There are no awful feedbacks were given to the island and even to the resorts in Hagonoy because of the people who religiously working behind Bislig were really focus in providing quality and trustworthy services to the people who wanted to visit the island. Thus, the greatest success of the island relies on the people that surrounds to it.

So how can you reach Hagonoy Island?

Before everyone enjoys and feels the cool and calm waves of the breeze in Hagonoy Island, tourists’ needs to pass various places first before they can reach the island. And since there are some tourists who wanted to go on their own, the Bislig City Tourism Officials includes the convenient guide to the possible vacationer who wanted to visit Hagonoy Island and Bislig City.

As you can read to the official website of Bislig, you can reach Hagonoy Island 30 minutes from the mainland (approximately 3 kilometers from Bislig City).  And since Hagonoy Island is located at the middle of Bislig Bay you really need to ride a pump boat before you can finally touch the ground.

On the other hand, if you are coming from Manila and planning to take the air travel, you can book a ticket routing from Manila to Cebu, Cebu to Butuan City. And from the airport, you can hire a cab that will take you to Bislig City (it will be a 3-hour land trip). But if you’re not comfortable in riding with a cab, you can take the bus instead, and the buses started to ply as early as 2:00 am daily.

Thus, Hagonoy Island will continuously lift Bislig City’s pride and fame. And it will be one the islands that truly emphasizes Bislig as the “City by the Bay”.

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