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We are aiming to build the largest information portal on the internet about Bislig City in the Philippines...

If you have a business or anything of interest to visitors, in and around Bislig City, please contact us and we will check then add your details as quickly as possible*. You can contact us using the email below. Make sure you leave enough details for us to get back to you i.e. email address and preferably a phone number.

This is exactly what it says, FREE, you can buy us drinks or food if you wish. The free reviews are written by us by request.

Alternatively you can upgrade to the paid version.

An upgrade includes:

  • Write the review yourself. The advantages of this are obvious.
  • Add your OWN pictures and alt tags for better search engine results.
  • Add contact and location information.
  • There are other benefits – for further details please contact us.

The cost of an upgrade will depend, so its better if you contact us!

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